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India’s Top 10 Richest Persons

India’s Top 10 Richest Person’s List FY-2021 Rank 1 Name Mukesh Ambani Net Worth 7,18,000 Crore Company Reliance Place Mumbai Image Rank 2 Name Gautam Adani Net Worth 5,05,000 Crore Company Adani Place Ahmedabad Image Rank 3 Name Shiv Nadar Net Worth 2,36,600 Crore Company HCL Place New Delhi Image Rank 4 Name SP Hinduja… read more »

Which is the largest state in India ? (In terms of Area)

Largest state in India is Rajasthan. (In terms of Area) Rajasthan is the largest state in India in terms of area. Rajasthan has an area of 3,42,239 km² (132,139 sq mi). Rajasthan solely covers 10.4% of total India’s land mass. Rajasthan has a population of 6.89 crores (68.9 million) according to 2011 census, making it the 7th largest populated… read more »

Smallest state in India is ?

Smallest state in India is Goa. Goa is the smallest state in India which has only 2 Districts, namely North Goa and South Goa. Goa has population of about 14,57,723 (According to 2011 Census). Goa has an area of 3,702 km². Image Source:

How to Change ATM PIN of SBI Bank

Instructions given below is to change your ATM PIN through visiting ATM of SBI Bank, and this pretty much works with all the other banks also. Step 1: Insert your ATM card in the machine and click on PIN Generation. Step 2: Enter your Bank Account Number in the given field. Step 3: Enter your… read more »

To give a PowerPoint presentation to a large audience, you:

a. Set up your computer in a large auditorium, and click large, auditorium, OK. b. Click the slide you wish the audience to see in normal view, then click the next slide, and so on. c. Choose either view slide show or slide show, view show. d. Click slide show, OK. Answer: C. Choose either… read more »

How to change password in Infosys Iconnect ?

Go to Click on Reset Password In the first block, enter your username along with (Ex: [email protected]) In the second block, enter your previous or temporary password. In the third block, enter your new password. (Note: It should be 8 or more characters and 12 or less characters. And should be a combination of Lower… read more »