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How to take Screenshot on Laptop

There are 6 ways to take a Screenshot on your Laptop, Here are the ways and shortcuts that you can follow to take a...

List of Chief Ministers of Kerala

Here is the List of Chief Ministers of Kerala including the Chief Ministers of Travancore-Cochin state.

List of Chief Ministers of Coorg

Coorg officially had only 1 Chief Minister, as Coorg was merged with Mysore State which is now called as Karnataka on 1 November 1956.

How to access Website when you forgot WordPress Login Credentials

If you have forgot either username or password of your website, you can easily access or recover account by clicking 'forgot password'. But when you...

Bangalore Palace | Full Details

Bangalore Palace located in Garden City Bangalore is one of the popular tourist attractions in India. Being located in the central part of Bangalore,...

How to Report a Website on Google Chrome

Steps to report a website in Google Chrome: Step 1: Open Google Chrome Step 2: Click on the 3 dots (Located at the top-right corner of...

List of Countries with Multiple Capitals

There are 14 countries with multiple capitals

List of Countries

There are 195 Countries in the World

How to check graphics card in PC?

Follow the steps to check a PC's graphics card: 1. Click on the Start button in your PC (Either Press on Windows button on your keypad...

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