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How to Check Browsing History in Wifi Router

STEP 1 Your IP Address is required. (If you know your IP Address then skip to next step) To know your IP Address, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Properties and scroll down to find IPv4 DNS number. Copy the IP Address and go to next step. STEP 2 Paste the IP Address… read more »

How To Calculate Percentage

Calculate Percentage Using Formula (Value / Total Value)*100 Example: If 300 is the value out of a total value of 700. 300 is Value. 700 is Total Value. So – (300 / 700)*100 = 42.85% Calculate Percentage Using Calculator (Value / Total Value)*100 can also be used in calculator or the below formula can be… read more »

How to Remove Password from PDF ?

If you know or remember a PDF’s password, there is only one way in which you can remove a PDF’s password which is using a Third-Party Application. One of the best application to remove password from a PDF is, Adobe Acrobat : Adobe Acrobat can help you removing a PDF’s password. Steps to remove password… read more »

How to add Logo to Website Header?

Here are the Steps to add Logo to your Website’s header Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard Step 2: Hover on Appearance, and then click on Customize Step 3: Click on Site Identity Step 4: Click on Select Site Icon Step 5: Upload or Select your desired Logo and click on Select Step 6:… read more »

How to take Screenshot on Laptop

There are 6 ways to take a Screenshot on your Laptop, Here are the ways and shortcuts that you can follow to take a Screenshot or Snapshot of your screen. PrtScr [Print Screen key] – Click the PrtScr button on your keyboard, which you can find in the first row of the keyboard. The Screenshot… read more »

How to access Website when you forgot WordPress Login Credentials

If you have forgot either username or password of your website, you can easily access or recover account by clicking ‘forgot password’. But when you have forgot both username and password of your website, you can still access and change your password by following the below steps. Step 1: If you get the following error… read more »

How to Report a Website on Google Chrome

Steps to report a website in Google Chrome: Step 1: Open Google Chrome Step 2: Click on the 3 dots (Located at the top-right corner of the page)  [Alternatively you can press Alt+Shift+I or follow below steps] Step 3: Hover on Help Step 4: Click on Report an Issue Step 5: ‘Send feedback to Google’… read more »

How to check graphics card in PC?

Follow the steps to check a PC’s graphics card: 1. Click on the Start button in your PC (Either Press on Windows button on your keypad or Click Start icon on left-bottom end of screen) 2. Right Click on the Start icon 3. Click on Run 4. In DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, Click on Display… read more »