Emblem of Karnataka

Emblem of Karnataka State of India

Emblem of Karnataka
Karnataka State's Emblem

Emblem of Karnataka is the official state emblem of Karnataka of India.

This Emblem was derived or based on the Official Emblem of Kingdom of Mysore.

The motto of the emblem states in devanagari script as सत्यमेव जयते (Satya Meva Jayate) which literally means ” Truth alone prevails”. And this is not only the motto of Karnataka state but also the national motto of India.

It is also be represented as Banner of Karnataka.


The emblem has Gandabherunda (Two-headed bird), Lion Capital of Ashoka (Four lions), Dharmachakra (Wheel of Dharma), 2 lion-elephant Sharabha, and State Motto.

The state emblem was designed by Ma Ramamurthy.

Government of Karnataka Emblem


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