How to Apply for Passport in India

Complete Guide on How to Apply for Passport in India through Online Mode:

  1. Go to (If you get any Alert Message, Click on close and Move on).
  2. Click on New User Registration.
  3. Select Passport Office , or if you want to apply for Diplomatic Passport in Delhi, only then Click on CPV Delhi. 
  4. Select your Desired Location in the drop down menu. (Note: Tibetan Refugees who are applying IC must register Delhi location)
  5. Give your First Name and Middle Name (If you have) in the Given Name Section. (eg: Sudesh, Rahul, Priyanka) (Note: Do not enter your honors like Dr. or Col.)
  6. Give your Last Name or Initials in the Surname Section. (eg: M, Shetty, Singh)
  7. Enter your Date of Birth in Day-Month-Year format. (eg: 29/04/2000)
  8. Enter your E-Mail Id in e-mail id section.
  9. If you want to use your E-Mail Id as your Login Id click Yes. Or if you want to use a Custom Id, then Click No. (Note: Please remember the Login Id for further use)
  10. If you had Clicked Yes in the previous field, your Login Id column will be automatically filled. Or if you had clicked No in the previous field, then you need to enter your Desired Id. After entering your Id, please click on the Check Availability button next to it to check if your entered Id is taken or Available. (Note: In case of Desired Id, keeping your name might be a good option as you can remember it easily. If your Name is not Available try entering your Name along with some numbers or Underscore)
  11. Enter your Password. The Password should be at least 8 characters long and should contain uppercase & lowercase characters and numbers. (Note: Do not use Special Characters) (You should change the Password regularly)
  12. Confirm Password by the entering the same again.
  13. Select a Hint Question. (In case you forget your password in the future, this would help you out)
  14. Enter the Desired Answer to the Hint Question that you selected before.
  15. Enter the Captcha.
  16. Click on Register.
  17. You will be redirected to another page saying Registration Confirmation.
  18. Close the Tab and go to your registered E-Mail Id.
  19. You would have received a Mail, Click on the Link which is in the Mail to Activate your Account.
  20. The Link will take you to a page where you have to enter your Login Id (which you had created in the 10th Step)
  21. Click on Continue.
  22. Enter the Password and Captcha.
  23. Click on Login.
  24. You will land on a page which says Applicant Home.
  25. Click on the first option, that is, Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport.
  26. In the next RPO Selection Page, Enter your State. (eg: Karnataka)
  27. Enter your District. (eg: Mysore)
  28. In Passport Type page, If you are applying for first time then Click on Fresh Passport. Or else Click on Re-Issue of Passport
  29. Type of Application will be Normal.
  30. Type of Passport Booklet will be 36 Pages.
  31. Click on Next.
  32. In Applicant Details page, Given Name should be same as you had given in the 5th Step.
  33. Surname should be same as you had given in the 6th Step.
  34. Select your Gender.
  35. If you had never been known by other names, Click on No. Or else Click on Yes.
  36. If you have the same Name since your Birth, Click on No. Or If you have changed your Name, Click on Yes.
  37. Enter your Date of Birth in Day-Month-Year format.
  38. If you were born in India Click on No. Otherwise Click on Yes.
  39. Enter your Place of Birth. (eg: If it’s City, Enter Mysore, Bangalore, Kochi etc. If it’s a village, Enter your village’s name)
  40. Enter your State.
  41. Enter your District.
  42. If you are Married Click on Married, or else Click on Single.
  43. If you were born in India, Click on Birth, or else if you are registered Indian, Click on Registration/Naturalization, Or Descent.
  44. If you have your PAN Card with you, Enter the PAN Card Details, or else leave it Blank.
  45. If you have your Voter Id Card with you, Enter the Voter Id Card Details, or else leave it Blank.
  46. Select your Employment Type, by selecting Student, If you are studying, or Private, if you are working in a private company, or Click on whatever is applicable to you.
  47. If you are Minor and one of your parents Government Employees, Click on Yes. Or if your Spouse(Husband or Wife) is a Government Employee, Click on Yes, Or else Click on No.
  48. Select your Education Qualification, as Degree or Matriculation(SSLC) or whatever is applicable to you.
  49.  If you have passed Matriculation(SSLC) or any higher Education, then Click Yes, or else Click on No. (If you want to know what Documents are required for Non-ECR category, Click Here).
  50. If you have a Scar or a Mark that’s clearly visible on your body, Click on Yes. Or else Click on No.
  51. If you have Aadhar Card, Enter your Aadhar Card Number.
  52. Click on Yes, to Agree to the Terms.
  53. Click on Save My Details.
  54. Click on Next.
  55. In Family Details page, Enter your Father’s Name and his Surname.
  56. Enter your Mother’s Name and her Surname.
  57. If you have a Guardian, enter his/her name and surname, or else leave it Blank.
  58. Click on Save My Details.
  59. Click on Next.
  60. In Present Residential Address Section, If you are presently living in India, Click No, or else Click Yes.
  61. Enter your House Number, Street Name, and Locality Name. (Proof of Address has to be given. To know what Documents are Accepted, Please Click Here)
  62. Enter your City or Village name.
  63. Select your State.
  64. Select your District.
  65. Select your Area Police Station. (This is important as they would verify by visiting your house)
  66. Enter your locality’s PIN Code. (eg: 570023)
  67. Enter your Mobile Number.
  68. You can Enter your Telephone Number but it is not mandatory to do so, you can leave it Blank.
  69. Enter your own E-Mail Id.
  70. For ‘Is Permanent Address Available’, You can Select Yes, if you Own a House and fill the Details. If not, then Select No.
  71. Click on, Save My Details.
  72. Click on Next.
  73. In Emergency Contact Section, Enter a person’s Name and Address that you would trust, would help you in Emergency Situation.
  74. Enter their Phone Number.
  75. You can either enter their Telephone Number or leave it Blank.
  76. Enter their E-Mail Id.
  77. Click on, Save My Details.
  78. Click on, Next.
  79. In Identity Certificate/Passport Details Section, Click on No, if you are an Indian residing in any of the Recognized States (like Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and all the other States). Or Click on Yes, if you are a Tibetan.
  80. If you had applied for Passport previously or currently and if that Details are Available, Click on Details Available. Or else Click on, Details Not Available/Never Held Passport.
  81. If you had applied for Passport and it was not issued to various reasons, Click on, Yes, or else Click on, No.
  82. Click on Save My Details.
  83. Click on Next.
  84. In Other Details section, If you don’t have any Criminal Proceedings against you, or hasn’t been  Convicted by any Court, or hasn’t been  denied Passport before, or haven’t applied or hasn’t been granted for Foreign Citizenship, or haven’t returned to India on Emergency Certificate, then you can Click on ‘No’, for each and every field on the Page. Or else please go through each query and answer them accordingly.
  85. Click on, Save My Details.
  86. Click on, Next.
  87. On Passport Verification page, please verify the details and see how your Passport looks.
  88. Click on Next.
  89. In Self Declaration section, Select a Document that you would like to submit as Proof of Birth. (If you select Aadhar card as proof, you can authenticate by clicking on the Authenticate button next to it, which would take you to Digi Locker portal enter your Aadhar details and enter the OTP and Authenticate it)
  90. Select the Document that you would like to submit as Proof of Address. (Once you have Authenticated Aadhar details in the previous Step, there is no need of doing that again)
  91. If you want Passport Seva SMS Services Select Yes, and Enter your Mobile Number, and pay 50 rupees by visiting the Passport Seva Kendra. Or else Select No.
  92. Enter Place and Date.
  93. Click on I Agree.
  94. Click on Save My Details.
  95. Click on Submit Form.
  96. After Seeing ‘Your Application form has been Submitted Successfully‘, Note down the ARN.
  97. Click on, Pay and Schedule Appointment, to book an appointment.
  98. Choose your desired Payment Mode. You either pay by Clicking on Online Payment, or by clicking on Challan Payment.(If you choose Challan Payment, you should pay money in SBI before 90 days from the day of your Passport Application).
  99. Click on Next.
  100. In Schedule Appointment section, Click on Next.
  101. Check the Place and Available Date in the Tabular Column, and Select a Location. (ex: Post Office PSK Mysore) (If the date shown is not comfortable with you, don’t worry, you change it later in the next section)
  102. Enter the Captcha, and Click on Next.
  103. In ‘Pay and Book Appointment’, you can select your desired date of appointment if available. (Total Amount to be paid may differ from place to place and time being, but it would usually be 1500 rupees) (Note: They might not refund the fees once paid)
  104. Click on Pay and Book Appointment.
  105. Note: If you didn’t complete the registration completely due to network issue or some other issue, or completed the registration but didn’t make any payment by accidentally or deliberately closing the payment tab, you can logout from the page and Login once again to your dashboard and click on View Saved/Submitted Applications and Click on the Checkbox, and Click on Retrieve Partially Saved Form, if you want to complete registration. Or else Click on Payment and Appointment Tab, if you want to select appointment date and make payment. Under that Click on Pay and Schedule Appointment and complete it whenever you want.

This article helps people to complete their Indian Passport registration through online mode. This Article is written on 26th August 2021, and may be subject to change. This article is accordingly to the best of our knowledge and we are not liable to pay anything or
intrigue anybody in case of any problem or incompletion of the task. This article purely concentrates on helping people to do things with ease.


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