How to Change ATM PIN of SBI Bank

Instructions given below is to change your ATM PIN through visiting ATM of SBI Bank, and this pretty much works with all the other banks also.

Step 1: Insert your ATM card in the machine and click on PIN Generation.

Step 2: Enter your Bank Account Number in the given field.

Step 3: Enter your Phone Number.(Note: Enter the same phone number that you had linked with the bank account.)

Step 4: You will receive a slip saying you can change the PIN within 24 hours of OTP generation. (Note: You will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number, please note that.)

(Note: you may get the OTP instantly, or it might take a while to reach you. So wait for a minute and if still didn’t receive the OTP, you can exit the ATM and come back after receiving it.)

Step 5: Enter your ATM card once again to the machine and this time, Enter the 4 digit OTP that you had received, as the Entering PIN.

Step 6: Go to Banking section.

Step 7: Click on PIN Change.

Step 8: Enter your new desired PIN number.

Step 9: Re-Enter your new desired PIN number.

Step 10: You will see a notification saying Transaction Successful.


The information provided above is to the best of our knowledge and may be subject to change from time to time. Our goal is to provide better information. We are not liable to pay anything to any kind of occurrences like damage, error, loss or incompletion of the task.


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