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How to Remove Password from PDF ?

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If you know or remember a PDF’s password, there is only one way in which you can remove a PDF’s password which is using a Third-Party Application.

One of the best application to remove password from a PDF is,

  • Adobe Acrobat :

Adobe Acrobat can help you removing a PDF’s password.

    • Steps to remove password from from Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1 – Open Adobe Acrobat

Adobe 1

Step 2Drag and drop the PDF file into Acrobat and Enter the Password and Click OK

Adobe 2
Adobe 3
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Step 3 – Click on Tools, which can be found on the right side of the app.

Adobe 4

Step 5 – Click on Encrypt.

Adobe 6

Step 4 – Click on Protection, which can be found at the bottom of the sidebar.

Adobe 5

Step 6 – Click on Remove Security.

Adobe 7

Step 7 – Click on OK.

Adobe 8
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Step 8 Save the file.

Adobe 9
  • Another way and much easier way to Remove a PDF’s password is to use Online Third Party Websites.

Just upload the PDF and enter the password and the password-removed file will be downloaded automatically.

Some of the website that removes password from PDf’s are –

(The above links are not affiliated. This article is written on the sole purpose of spreading information.)


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