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  • Every Indian movie which is ready to release is sent to Censor office to censor unwanted contents from the movie and assign it a category.
  • CBFC or the Central Board of Film Certification is the board where films get censor certification.
  • U certificate and A certificate were the only 2 censor certificates given to movies until 1983 when another 2 certifications namely U/A and S were added.

1. U Certificate [ A/U Certificate ]

U stands for Unrestricted Public Exhibition.

  • It means that anyone can watch movie irrespective of the age.
u certificate

2. U/A Certificate [ AVA Certificate ]

UA stands for Unrestricted public exhibition subject to parental guidance for children below the age of twelve.

  • It means that children under the age of 12 should watch this movie only under the guidance of their parents.
u a certificate

3. A Certificate [ V/A Certificate ]

A stands for Restricted to Adult Audience.

  • It means that children under 18 years of age cannot watch the movie.

4. S Certificate

S stands for Restricted to specialized audiences such as doctors or scientists.

  • It means that only specialized audiences like doctors and scientists and their fraternity can watch it.
s certificate

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