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How to Check Browsing History in Wifi Router

STEP 1 Your IP Address is required. (If you know your IP Address then skip to next step) To know your IP Address, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Properties and scroll down to find IPv4 DNS number. Copy the IP Address and go to next step. STEP 2 Paste the IP Address… read more »

How to Change ATM PIN of SBI Bank

Instructions given below is to change your ATM PIN through visiting ATM of SBI Bank, and this pretty much works with all the other banks also. Step 1: Insert your ATM card in the machine and click on PIN Generation. Step 2: Enter your Bank Account Number in the given field. Step 3: Enter your… read more »

How to Apply for Passport in India

Complete Guide on How to Apply for Passport in India through Online Mode: Go to (If you get any Alert Message, Click on close and Move on). Click on New User Registration. Select Passport Office , or if you want to apply for Diplomatic Passport in Delhi, only then Click on CPV Delhi.  Select your… read more »